About Us

The Padel Pasión Oy Project dates back to 2010 when the founding partners from Spanish and Finnish origin meet playing padel. The idea to take this sport to further markets, made the partners consider the enormous growth it held in the Nordic countries, where they saw a business opportunity that had not been fully developed.

During its first years the company focused on the sale of padel sports equipment and the construction of padel courts. The success of this initiative positioned the company as leading provider in the padel world,especially in the Nordic markets while it explored the expansion to other markets.

After becoming a reliable partner padel in these two categories, the company decided to explore the growth in a new area: sports equipment. Padel Pasion together with a leading partner in this field is now open to offer an ample range of products in increasingly demanding sports, such as hockey, badminton, fitness, boxing together with the other more traditional as football, basketball or swimming.

This new step has launched Padel Pasión to position itself as a versatile player in wide number of markets, proposing both its know-how in padel and its ample portfolio of products in numerous sports equipment categories.

We master padel and sports equipment