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The beginnings of the Padel Pasión Oy project dates back to 2010 when its founding partners, of Spanish and Finnish origin met and became aware of the enormous growth potential the Padel sector had in the Nordic countries.

The business opportunity was mainly based on two pillars: the sale of padel equipment and the construction of padel courts. 

After more than 5 years, Padel Pasión has expanded beyond the field of padel to other business areas related to sports equipment. The company currently offers a wide variety of sports products in different markets thanks to strategic agreements established with leading companies in this field.

Over 5 years of experience


Padel Pasión holds a profund knowlegde of padel material and courts and also equipment for numerous sports, including football, boxing, badminton, hockey, fitness or basketball, among others. 

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Padel Equipment
Sports Equipment

Why Padel Pasión?


We hold more than five years experience delievering our products.


Tailor-made solutions for our customers is one of our everyday hallmarks.


Our customer-oriented philosophy is the focus of our activity.


We offer sports and padel solutions to our clients worldwide.

We specialize in sports equipment, including delivering state-of-the-art padel courts.

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