Products: Sports Equipment

Padel Pasión Oy distributes quality sports equipment from one of the main suppliers in this sector in the Spanish market, thanks to a strategic agreement between both companies.

Padel Pasión provides its customers with sports equipment for a wide range of sports, from the most traditional such as football, basketball, swimming, fitness or hockey to those that are minority or less widely used. Its catalogue includes everything from the smallest and lowest cost materials, to larger materials such as football goals or outdoor basketball hoops.


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Featured categories include some of the following: 


Under this category find a wide range of products from weight kettles, agility ladders, elastic bands, belts, bars and dumbbells.

Tennis and padel

Tennis nets, balls, rackets, set poles, ball carts, referee chairs or replacement bands are available under this sports category.


Swimming equipment covers glasses for all siezes and colours, swimming belts, caps, aquatic figures, floating mats, etc.


This broad category holds numerous materials including benches, different types of mats, gym equipment, bands and much more.


Basketball material includes from different types of balls, t-shirts, rings, nets and boards, socks and many more.



Access hundreds of products football related, such as balls, kits, goalkeeper gloves, goals and more.